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Video Art


INGRANAGGIO. Turin, Italy 2022; video by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos; sound art by Rossana De Pace and Paolo Valgrande,

‘Ingranaggio’ (gearing) is an interdisciplinary artistic project that involves a video-installation and an experimental sound machine assembled with recycled elements such as antique clock gears and old typewriter motors. The encounter between digital and analogue has resulted in an audio-visual artwork that emphasises the concept of “inexorability”.


META. Valsesia, Italy, 2022; video by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos; sound art by Rossana De Pace.

Meta-morphosis, a process of destruction and regeneration. At each step, the abandonment of the ego. At each step, the fatigue of the body and the power of the mind. At each step a prayer. The goal? To keep walking.


REQUIEM. Milan, Italy, 2022; video by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos; sound-art by Rossana De Pace.

The soundtrack was conceived by applying two sensors on the pith of a felled tree at Sempione Park, in Milan (Italy). Through these electrodes, ‘PlantsPlay’ device converts electrical variations into musical notes. The interaction between the hands and the tree trunk provides an example of how plants react to human touch.

· What about Plants Play? Plants Play is the first wearable device that allows you to listen to the music generated by plants and trees straightaway on your smartphone. By means of two sensors set on the leaves, Plants Play turns its electrical variations into music, which can be sent via bluetooth to the downloadable app for Smarphones, iOS’s and Androids.


SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Maremma National Park, Tuscany, Italy, 2021; video and performance by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos; sound-art by Rossana De Pace. Dune artist residency.

‘Somatic Spaces’ blossoms from the collaboration of the visual artist and performer Isabel Rodriguez Ramos and the sound artist and songwriter Rossana De Pace.

It consists of field research, both performative and audiovisual, carried out in natural territories of the world with always different inputs. This project aims to create new awareness about the possible interactions and contaminations between Humans and Nature.

What about the Concept?

Starting from the philosophical assumption – one of the core values of the animist tradition – that the Earth is animated and therefore endowed with Spirit, “Somatic Spaces” presents itself as the opportunity to investigate the physical space of the body through the environment and vice versa, considering the Inner Soul and the Outer Earth united by osmosis.

Peoples from many different cultures perceive the Land not in terms of a mother who nurtures and punishes (Cartesian view), but rather as an integral part of their souls. In the light of the man-nature binomial, Isabel investigated this correspondence through site-specific performative acts and resumed the creative process documenting its evolution.

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos © 2023

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