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I am convinced that art should contaminate the reality in which it is born and evolves and I am fascinated by its therapeutic and transformative potential. For years I have been developing interdisciplinary projects and workshops in the social field, involving people in concrete actions and participatory art experiences. Art is, for me, a valuable tool for empirical investigation of the Human, a fundamental educational medium and can be a powerful “healing” experience.



Psycho-corporeal phototherapy project

In collaboration with mental health professionals, Isabel has created a protected space of free expression that, through the dialogue between art and clinic, actively contributes to the helping process.

The therapeutic process includes some sessions of psychological investigation and support with a specific focus on the body with Dr. Riana Galdiolo, art therapy practices and a performative and phototherapeutic exploration of the Self in the environment.

The project stems from the artist’s personal experimental research, which, through creative acts culminating in photographic feedbacks, encourages the elaboration of experiences linked to the perception of the body.

With a humanties and theatrical background, Isabel leads performative-experiential paths aimed at stimulating contact with the self in relation to the environment. The opportunity to freely express and transform emotions and experiences through the body gives us the chance to observe ourselves from a new point of view, contributing to the rediscovery of a more authentic and aware self.


Artistic residencies programme in nature

“Natural Mente Corpo” is a multidisciplinary independent project focused on environmental and social sustainability. It’s founded by the visual artist and performer Isabel Rodriguez Ramos and the actress Marta Maltese.

Since 2020 we have been offering artistic residencies in Italian natural territories for young people (18-35 years old) involving professionals in the fields of art and psychology.

We propose a space that encourages dialogue between different art languages – such as theatre, visual arts and music. We offer a multi-polar and dynamic experience that provides differentiated and effective strategies to stimulate an inclusive creative process in order to promote individual and collective psycho-physical well-being.

Starting from the reflection on the interdependence between human and nature we want to: enhance our environmental heritage by giving new life to the wild natural spaces of our territory, educate for responsible tourism, attract new targets with innovative artistic and cultural proposals and offer a concrete alternative, a protected and safeguarded opportunity to encourage young people to meet, in order to face the social and psychological distress.

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos © 2023

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