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Grounded in the conviction that art should be a catalyst for the transformation and enrichment of the reality from which it emerges, I am deeply drawn to the therapeutic and transformative potential inherent in the artistic process. Over the years, my commitment has manifested through the development of interdisciplinary projects and workshops within the social sphere—a deliberate effort to engage individuals in tangible, participatory art experiences that transcend the traditional boundaries of creative expression. Art, in my view, serves as a valuable tool for the empirical exploration of the human experience. It is not merely a form of expression but a dynamic medium that facilitates profound investigations into the complexities of our shared humanity. This multifaceted engagement with art becomes an essential educational instrument, transcending conventional learning methods to foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit. Beyond its educational role, I perceive art as a potent force for healing. Through carefully curated experiences, it has the capacity to evoke transformative journeys, offering solace, introspection, and renewal. The act of creation becomes a therapeutic process, enabling individuals to navigate their emotions, confront challenges, and ultimately emerge with a renewed sense of self. In this paradigm, art is not confined to the gallery or studio; it becomes a dynamic force that permeates the fabric of everyday life. By involving individuals in concrete actions and participatory initiatives, I seek to demonstrate the tangible impact art can have on shaping communal narratives, fostering a sense of connection, and contributing to the positive transformation of both individuals and communities. Ultimately, my artistic practice is an embodiment of these convictions—a testament to the belief that art, as a dynamic and immersive experience, has the potential to be a catalyst for positive change, a source of healing, and a medium through which we can collectively explore the profound intricacies of the human condition.

Workshops; Enclave Land Art 2023.


Psycho-corporeal phototherapy project

In a collaborative initiative with mental health professionals, Rodriguez Ramos has created a safe space of free expression where the intersection of art and clinical expertise actively contributes to the healing process. At the heart of this therapeutic journey lies a multifaceted approach facilitated by Dr. Riana Galdiolo, involving psychological investigation and support sessions with a specific emphasis on the intricate relationship between body and mind. Art therapy practices, woven into the fabric of the process, serve as a conduit for introspection, providing participants with a unique avenue to explore their emotions and experiences through creative expression. This project is a journey of creative exploration culminating in photographic feedbacks that encourage the profound elaboration of experiences tied to the perception of the body. The artistic acts become a means through which participants engage in a dialogue with their own narratives, fostering a space for self-reflection and emotional processing. Drawing on her background in humanities and theater, Rodriguez Ramos guides individuals through performative-experiential pathways, each imagined to stimulate a profound connection with the self within the context of the environment. The freedom to express and transmute emotions and experiences through the body provides a unique vantage point, offering participants the opportunity to observe themselves from a new perspective. This process contributes significantly to the rediscovery of a more authentic and self-aware self—a transformative journey where the amalgamation of art, therapy, and self-exploration becomes a catalyst for personal growth and healing.


Artistic residencies programme in nature

“Natural Mente Corpo” stands as a multifaceted, independent project at the intersection of environmental and social sustainability. Founded by visual artist and performer Isabel Rodriguez Ramos, in collaboration with actress Marta Maltese, the initiative has been actively shaping its narrative since 2020. Central to our mission is the provision of artistic residencies set against the backdrop of the stunning natural landscapes of Italy. Targeted at young individuals aged 18 to 35, these residencies serve as immersive experiences that bridge the realms of art, nature and psychology. Our programs create a space for interdisciplinary dialogue, weaving together diverse artistic languages, including theatre, visual arts, and music. At the core of our approach is the belief in providing a multi-polar and dynamic experience, offering diverse and effective strategies to stimulate an inclusive creative process. Our ultimate goal is to promote not only individual but also collective psycho-physical well-being. Central to the project’s philosophy is a profound reflection on the interdependence between humanity and nature. “Natural Mente Corpo” aspires to breathe new life into the wild natural spaces of the Italian territory, recognizing them as invaluable environmental heritage. Simultaneously, the initiative seeks to instill a sense of responsibility towards sustainable tourism, attracting new audiences through innovative artistic and cultural propositions.Beyond its artistic endeavors, the project acts as a concrete alternative, offering a protected and safeguarded haven that addresses the social and psychological distress prevalent among young people. By providing a nurturing environment for encounters and shared experiences, “Natural Mente Corpo” becomes a transformative space, encouraging resilience and growth in the face of contemporary challenges.

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos © 2024

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