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Medium: Installation. Oct / 2022. Italy. Materials: cotton fabric, organic tints, mirror.

Oriri (from Latin – to be born, to come) is an intimate reflection on ‘birth’, but also an invitation to ‘re-birth’. The artwork manifests itself in organic form and evokes a vulva in the act of childbirth. The contribution of the mirror, which reflects everyone without distinction by putting each person on the same level, calls the viewer into question by making her or him the protagonist of the artwork. The intent is to stimulate reflection on the collective responsibility to protect the right to choose as a universal right.

La jaula

Medium: Sculpture, Installation. Oct / 2022. Turin, Italy. Materials: clay, mirrors, metallic inserts.

Is it possible to transform the substance of a finite subject by expanding its perception to infinity through artistic metaphor? The installation “La Jaula” (in english – the cage) refers to the conflict that manifests itself in people when they feel their soul is constrained in a finite body, vulnerable and enslaved, since it is incapable of eradicating the collective perception of the self and legitimising itself in Being. The “body cage”, consisting of two parallel mirrors capable of expanding the subject’s perception to infinity, reinterprets the “mirror” element by making it the protagonist in the process of acceptance and liberation. The sculpture, made of hand-moulded unbaked clay, represents a hybridised body that wraps around itself unravelling into a female and a male back, two poles that in the Human inevitably dialogue and contaminate each other. A fundamental element of the artwork is prayer: a genuflection, the surrender of the body to the earth, intersects with a part of the subject twisting upwards. The tension created by these two opposing forces creates balance in the stasis of the subject represented. The only possibility in the constriction of the body remains the exercise of the Spirit.  


Medium: Land Art, Installation. Sept / 2022. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Materials: “tela de tapado”, tobacco, thread.

‘Raíces’ is a collective artistic act of investigation into roots and was created to heal that perennial restlessness the artist is confronted with in growing up far from a land in which she does not live, but which lives in her. In its perennial search for a sense of belonging, ‘Raíces’ represents a moment of self-healing and fundamental awareness.
The artist’s paternal family has worked tobacco in the fields of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, for many generations. The installation, created inside an uncle’s tobacco house, is a collective artwork in that the whole of Isabel’s family is involved. Each member of the family actively contributed to the artwork. The desire was to create a shared space and time to reflect on roots, using as a metaphor the plant that has characterised the artist’s family history for 150 years: tobacco. The weaving of the word ‘Raíces’ took place using the veins of tobacco leaves (grown and cared for by uncles and cousins) on a “tela de tapado”, a wide-meshed cloth used by farmers to protect plants from the sun’s rays. The thread used to apply the veins to the cloths is traditionally used to sew the tobacco leaves together before drying.

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos ©2022

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