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Isabel Rodriguez Ramos, born in Turin, Italy, in 1997, is a multidisciplinary artist of Italian-Cuban descent. Foundress and artistic directress of Natural Mente Corpo project – since 2020 – Isabel leads an initiative that explores the profound intersections between art, nature and the human body, enhancing rural territories and communities. Since 2021 he has been part of the GEA duo, an artistic collective born out of the collaboration with sound artist Rossana De Pace. Isabel’s artistic journey seamlessly traverses the realms of visual arts, plastic exploration, and performances. Rooted in her Italian-Cuban heritage, Isabel’s artistic endeavors are marked by a deep exploration of themes such as belonging and the intricate relationship between the body and its social, natural, and spiritual environments. Her works manifest as dynamic visual narratives, often taking on a hybrid form that blends various artistic mediums. Notably, many of her creations adopt an installation character, inviting viewers to transcend traditional boundaries and immerse themselves in an intimate and immersive experience. Rodriguez Ramos has displayed her works in national and international artistic events. Isabel’s artistic trajectory is characterised by an ongoing exploration of the complexities of identity, environment and the human experience. .


My human and artistic journey traverses hybrid landscapes of investigation, immersing me in different territories and communities. In my exploration I investigate matter not only as a physical entity, but as an everyday spiritual practice. The search for origins and sense of belonging plays a central role in my artistic and existential journey, and the duality that has characterised my life since childhood finds expression and release in art, in all its forms. With a profoundly multidisciplinary approach, linked to the earth and its elements, I conceive my artistic practice as a bridge connecting the universal and the deeply personal; and nature as a welcoming home that transcends geographical boundaries. In this dialogue between worlds, I explore what is beyond the visible, probing time, movement, body and space, matter and landscape.

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos © 2024

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