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Isabel Rodriguez Ramos (Turin, Italy, 1997) is an italo-cuban visual artist and performer based in Italy. Tuning into philosophy, theatre and literature, she investigates the mystery of the human body as a space of confrontation and sharing of the human inner world. Her artistic research is grounding yet ethereal, constantly inspired by the Intangible and fascinated by the manipulation of organic matter. The interdependence between humans and nature is a recurrent theme in her artistic journey. Inspired by the principles of therapeutic art and eco-therapy, her visual and performative research wants to encourage self-expression through the poetics of the body in a creative and non-judgmental environment. Isabel is the founder and artistic director of the multi-artistic project Natural Mente Corpo.


My human and artistic journey is driven by the need to investigate organic matter as a spi(ritual) practice. The desire is to establish a profound dialogue between ancient knowledge and the needs of contemporaneity, to reconcile the complexity of the traditional heritage of ancestral cultures with the power of new media, to exploit the communicative potential intrinsic to artistic action in a profoundly interdisciplinary approach. The roots that bind me to Latin America and the interest in artistic and cultural contaminations are expressed in an essential research, closely linked to the Earth and natural elements, but constantly turned to the sky.

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos © 2023

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